This separation is unbearably inseparable

Oh giver of givers

What will the world say

When you leave me empty handed

When no one has ever left you empty handed?

Just spare one merciful glance

Oh Owner of majestic sovereignty!

Pour enduring peace into my restless soul

What will I do

When I leave you without a moment’s peace

When you are peace

And only peace?

You reside in serenity

Bliss your crowning jewels

Dear Divine

master of masters

King of kings

Do not forsake this beggar

Sinner of all sinners

Pardon me

Grant me respite from yourself

I stand at your door

With hands raised

And ask to be in your eternal presence

What will I tell the people

If you do not fulfill my wish

Oh purveyor of purveyors!

Leave me not stranded

Unto myself

For even a blink of the eye

For I need you

More than you need me

Bless me, oh Blessed

Your sweet fragrance fills my heart with content

May I be in your grace eternally

Oh Eternal, Everlasting