When the Left Trended to the Domineering Right

Encroachment, in my assertion, is an instinct privy to the successful propagation of a species’ dissemination insofar that influence amassed surpasses that of surrounding, weakened species.  This is not a novel concept and has gone on for as long as life has existed.  Undermining transiently weakened species, these now superior beings come to possess what eludes most of civilization; that is power.  Sometimes this system goes on unnoticed and at others it takes with it mass casualties.  This abstract idea is plausible under a number of conditions.  Under terms of this piece and of speaking of modern times, under the age in which we live now, the notion is applied to portray the firm yet resolute stride with which the left treaded to become the authoritative right.  More specifically, the rudimentary survival mechanism innately implanted cavernously within ideologies that have withstood the test of time.

As societies have become rapidly progressive in digitization and automation we have seen a casual yet striking shift in the cultural socio norms occurring as a factor of time.  It is almost as if there is a direct correlation between the two.  The greater increase in frequency of technological innovation utility globally, the more leftist culture that has arisen.  This has been through purposeful maneuverability with strategic agenda. It has given rise to lost nations and created the global village.  Solidarity under the guise of big data, big money and monopolized industry.  In the age of Big Pharma and Big Corps, there is little room for the small villages and middle man.  All things Hi-fi equipped with Wi-fi are widening the channels between affluence and poverty.  The perilous part of the entire equation is that through diversion tactics the left has now become the domineering right. Through calls of nationalism and liberation in a cohesive package, we are facing a devastatingly new approach to the political arena.  One that is detrimental to mankind as a whole and is beneficial to only a key few; the select holders of power.