Autonomous Modernity

By now most people are cognizant of the fact that the future is headed towards autonomy.  Lifestyles will transform notably and the world will be connected to technology in way never imagined before.  While the technological sector will become the main force behind the drastic changes that will soon start taking effect, the global village as we know it may be under threat of collapse.  We may start to see countries with varying technological advancement using their innovations as part of reclusive, individualistic societies.  We are hearing the America First mantra and it may be realized that soon most countries will place their constituents needs ahead of a globalized scale.  We will see a major revolution and reduction of migrants seeking refuge in other lands; immigration will greatly be affected by the technological revolution.  As Artificial Intelligence and Automation trend progressively and lead the way into the future, the need for manpower will be lessened greatly.

Now is the time to initiate integration of technologies available currently into everyday life and actively engage to acquire knowledge of functionality.  Those who remain ignorant of the swift global conversion will be unable to prosper in the age of technology.  We are at pivotal crossroads, where societies are moving quickly in embracing automation for a great many of reasons, security of its people being one.  3D printing is becoming synonymous with independence from third party affiliation as people can use this technology for anything from printing a screw to building a house.  These technologies are not just predictive theories, they are being actualized and utilized as you read this article. With every day, new innovative technologies are being created in a way that mankind has never witnessed before.  It is an exciting time but also one that may cause trepidation.

It is imperative that our youth be taught the universal language of the autonomous future; coding.  STEM is going to be vital as we move forward.  Those adept in the coding will find themselves advantageous amongst their peers.  It is crucially important to stress the need for education in the technological sector.  Automation will assimilate within almost every profession from medicine to security and everyday transactions.  Currency is also on trend to become digitalized via blockchain technology.  If one does not take the necessary moves in order to equip themselves with knowledge of the upcoming innovations, they will find themselves at a significant loss.

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