The Spectrum of Light in Modernity

In today’s era, you are only limited by the scope of your imagination.  You can literally actualize almost anything you dream up due to the accelerated proliferation and rapid distribution of technology.  This is the best time to be in the computerized and designing sectors as they are becoming greater focal points of our lives with each passing day.  Technology has the solution pertaining to almost every aspect of our lives.  From portable solar powered grills for cooking to smart mattresses and the Internet of Things, this is unquestionably one of the most exciting times in the history of mankind.  Experimenting with different technologies or mediums, one can produce newly founded creations that can assist with solving everyday dilemmas we may face.  In today’s designs, nature and efficiency seem to be at the core of all new technologies.

Various themes exist throughout nature.  Complex patterns, specific sequences of numbers, shapes, processes and natural occurrences are prevalent through everyday life.  We are so accustomed to these objects, designs and intricate framework that we go about living sometimes immune to the peculiarities, similarities and associations that are the basic elements that give rise all creation around us. One of the most complex, multidisciplinary studies, man’s inner struggle of with good and bad, can be illustrated by lightness and darkness, respectively.  Nature challenges us with examples of this struggle, showcasing it sometimes blatantly and other times concealing it elaborately revealing to only those with insight.  Within the deep recesses of the dark ocean, we find volcanic vents.  These vents, impeded by the elements around them, illuminate the pitch-black waters encompassing them by dispersing a rainbow of color in an area where one would deem it impossible.  Against all odds, this theatric display of light manages to escape from the layers of darkness and weight of elements upon it to exhibit its impossibility of containment.  Where there is light, it is bound to shine eventually and once it has broken free from it’s shackles, its glory is a sight to behold.

LED lights, last longer and have more functionality than traditional incandescents. They can be controlled via smart devices and synchronized with other technologies seamlessly.  Water proof LED strip lights can be submerged into mediums such as concrete forms to created smart concrete blocks.  Optical fibers can form translucent concrete; natural elements are being used in ways that seemed impossible before.  Light although under a stratum of concrete, manages to form it’s own unique paths out to bring illumination to a normally dark, dense piece of block.  Each block is unique in it’s form and highlights the esoteric realization of creation- color defying mass, illumination defying insulation, the joyous expression of light defying darkness and the hope that wherever darkness persists, a source of, illumination, ready to be kindled always exists!



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