The Naiveté of being Naive

One may find themselves at a certain point in their life questioning their level of shrewdness in modern times.  We are definitely in an age where it is wise to be smart.  Such accelerated progress is occurring within a marginal timeframe that in order to rise above the masses one must hone their faculties of astuteness.  Experience along with time bring many to a point where they can finally see through the fog and emerge victoriously sage so as to not be the people that are easily taken advantage of in modernity.  How does one go about realistically understanding the environment in which they function and the role others play in their everyday life?

There is the famous saying, ignorance is bliss but is this really true?  Most especially in this era of expeditious technological discovery we find ourselves to be in.  During any major revolutionary change on a global scale, people have a higher chance of falling prey to the predators who thrive on the innocence of others.  For example, during the gold rush there was a surge in the interest of alchemy or synthesis of gold.  As we are all aware, gold is a natural element which cannot be manufactured through artificial means.  Upon seeing rapid expansion in the gold sector, people wanted to believe that they could be a part of the upending transformation and gains others were procuring through means of mining.  It was not hard for tradesmen to lure gullible victims into investing with them in promissory return for the recipe to create gold that would in return make them instantaneously wealthy.  When something is in great abundance or trending the wanting of inclusion is innately within the nature of mankind.  This all leads back to Darwin’s survival of the fittest.  Those who use their above-average intelligence have always attempted to manipulate the common man.  The ordinary individual has always sought the sophistication of those with affluence; this is natural order.  There will always be those who use their knowledge as a means to maneuver the ordinary individual towards loss while they themselves seek to gain.  At times the ratio of gains to loss is so high, fiscally and practically, that one is caught off guard when reality finally sinks in.

If anything is to be learned to safeguard one’s assets during times of tumultuous turbulence and whirlwind advancement, it is to proceed with dire caution before investing time or monetary funds in a seemingly prosperous enterprise.  A great majority of people amass their fortunes by preying upon the simplicity of others.  Research to find trustworthy advocates that can give you genuine advice and assistance in matters that you find yourself not understanding but luring.  Until you can dismantle a proposition piece by piece you will never know it’s fruition.  Be smart, savvy consumers and investors; it will save you much misfortune.  Perhaps it may even get you to where you would like to be.


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