Religiosity & It’s Implementation in Modern Times

Everyone is innately born with an empathetic nature.  The degrees of compassion an individual possesses varies with natural and environmental factors.  Fundamentally, the practical application of religion in the real world should increase one’s tendency to accommodate adversity to various extents.  Differences in individual beings should hypothetically negate themselves for those practicing under the doctrine of one religion. In the modern day, religious ideologies have become utilities in maneuverability of  political strategizing to benefit the wants and needs of the few powerfully domineering elite.  Using religion as their backdrop, some seek to conventionally monetize upon the insecurities of the masses for their own gainful desires.

In modern times, religion has gone from bringing the heart solace to a means of persecution and prejudice inflicted towards natural order and diversity amongst life forms.  As we see rapid acceleration in the technological sector, individuals are beginning to question the existence of Divinity. Anything left to the imagination can be actualized with some form of technological innovation.  This leaves room for many to doubt the reality or purpose of existence.  We have begun to believe the notion that we, human beings, are makers of our own right.  While this justification seems valid, it is highly fallible.  What we think we know thus far is in reality knowledge that has been acquired through the ages of discovery; we can rely upon these facts only as far as our insight allows.

Knowledge has been amassed from the perceptive insights of intellectually gifted minds in all subject areas pertaining to the universe.  Although mankind has been reaching it’s pinnacle of advancement, we are still limited by the physicality of natural order.  Gravity is an apt example of this phenomenon.  We know it exists yet are unable to overcome it’s force on a mass scale.  Anti-gravitational chambers have been created that mostly train those who seek to break the barrier into the gravitationally less universe beyond this planet.  For the majority of us, we are permanently shackled and bound by this planet with it’s gravitational force.  This is exemplary of simply one natural law that mankind has yet to overcome.  Until we become immortal beings on this planet, religion will be at the epicenter of  the societal dilemmas we face as well providing us with answers to questions we cannot yet fully disseminate.  Modern technological advancement seems to be running a marathon amongst religiously ordained knowledge and has been using it as leverage to answer the question humanity most wants the answer to; does a superpower or God exist?

Until we can overcome every obstacle natural order puts in our way and fashion our own immortal species, it would be fool hearted to not believe in the existence of a superpower.  All innovations have engineers so why, then, would it be different in the case of existence of life. Someone or something must have engineered the universe and purposefully so.  Just as we cannot see the existent radiation emitting from our smartphones and tablets, we have to believe in the unseen until the veil is lifted for eternal life.



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