Chain Immigration In the Modern World

Recently, you may have come across articles in which President Trump is said to have denounced Chain Immigration while also stating that diversity is not a strength. If you are seeking some retaliatory commentary against these principles, you will not find them in this article. I find myself advocating the end to chain immigration that many of us may have personally benefited from in the past. The assertion that the President is wrong in wanting to protect this country from radicalism is obnoxious at best. We have witnessed first-hand the devastating effects of immigration around the world in the current Global Order. Had it been years ago, when assimilation was the focal point to a successful immigration program, I would have had held opposing views on the topic. I find myself now, agreeing with the President, for one should be receptive to sound insight no matter the source. In the modern era, it is my opinion that diversity has lead to adversity. It is no longer safe to assume rudimentary vetting protocol suffices for the security of the people in this country. We must make this a bipartisan issue; a humanitarian emergency per se.

We can all most probably relate to advocacy for the betterment of the human condition which was oft accomplished through the immigration process. At this junction, in the most treacherous of times, at home and abroad, we are advancing towards immigration with undue malicious intent. The current world order will no longer benefit from earilier enacted immigration policies. We need to ensure the security of every conceivable global border in so that our priority can be safeguarding the people already within our borders. Our efforts should focus on retaining people in their own environments yet not left to their own vices. It is our duty as humanists to ensure that all lands be secure for its people and that the people of our country remain free from all threats posed to its peaceful democratic rule. Rapid proliferation of newly founded technology in the form of artificial intelligence should be a global priority in hopes to quelm the terror some lands find themselves enraptured within.

Our focus should not be on bringing foreigners to our shores in hopes to assist with the dire straights they face at home but to alleviate the security threats the people of our country are perpetually forced with. Just as the United Nations was created in order to maintain global harmony, I propose a secondary organization be created with participation from every nation. The objective of which would be to implement strict compliance in adopting the very basic technologies necessary to ensure worldwide stability.