Compassionate Empathy in the Non-Secular Islamic World

The purpose of this piece is not to place blame on any particular group of people adherent to tenants of what constitutes as the modern day Islamic religion. It is merely an opinion based upon years of observation and immersion within a culture under the guise of Divine order. For the purposes of this article, Islam is defined as both a culture and also a religion. There are stark contrasts yet glaring similarities between both that need be highlighted in order that the psyche of this modernized cult that permeates through all layers of the global society as a misconstrued religion be exposed in actuality. It is very easy to scape-goat the entirety of civilization as the cause of grief for the Muslim world or for that matter to use the religion for all ailments of society but that would be not only highly inaccurate but also conspicuously ignorant. The problems that plague the Muslim world are due majorly to faults within indoctrinated, self-assumed, self-reassured privileged culture that uses literal translations of religious and secular texts to incite rifts within the current global order. Illiteracy is a major threat to peaceful worldwide co-existence. It is no surprise that the Qalm, or pen was one of the Divine’s first creations. It is also noteworthy that mankind was informed that the power of the written word is mightier than the sword. Perhaps it is this concern that troubles the religious leaders of the global Muslim order; if their followers were to amass knowledge – true knowledge – would it not decrease their coercive and decisive fundamentalist political control? Within the religion, it is important to note chains of narration. Conveniently, some chains are held to be weak while others given predominance. Let me be clear when I say this, Muslims are oft-responsible for the troubles that befall them as a society bent on a sanctimonious complex stemming nowhere from sacred texts. It is noteworthy that we oft-not hear verses from Divine texts which speak to the atrocities befalling the Muslim world due to their own vices. In fact, it is due to the lack of compassion and empathy notably absent from practical application of everyday Islamic practice where we can seek to find the cause of distress and suffering prevalent amongst everyday global order that troubles the Muslim World. The Qur’an defines Mankind as the masterpiece of Divinity; intricately balanced and measured in creation. No other creation, after Divinity, is eternalized. Death comes to death itself at a point after which there is only the existence of the Divine and of the soul. This is not a radical approach to theology. The same assertions exist in other belief systems across the globe. What I am proposing will undoubtedly pose me to undue risk but I hold myself accountable as a humanist to unbiasedly document the misusage of Divine order for purposeful political maneuvering that undermines the sanctity of human empathy and compassion; the true religion of the Divine. It is ardently unmasking the blasphemous and contradictory principles which have plagued the Muslim world since the end of it’s golden period synonymous with principled compassion and empathy of its fore bearer, Muhammad. It is clearly evidenced in sacred text that there is no compulsion in Religion. Similarly, it is prudent to mention the sanctity of the preservation of life. We are currently at a time period riddled with strive, most especially notable in countries that claim to be Islamic republics. What if the assertion was made that the United States of America is founded upon principles closer to those of Islam than the self-proclaimed Muslim countries in existence today? Our currency denotes humbly, “In God We Trust’’. What may come as a surprise is that same verse can be found deeply embedded within Qur’anic text.

It may not be a surprising revelation that the Qur’an refers to people of the Book as the people of God. The Divine gave education the utmost importance, knowing that true power is unveiled with literacy. While Muhammad, known as the unlettered final messenger of the Divine is oft depicted as a war mongering barbaric, it is his mannerisms that drew people’s emulation of his religion; this was majorly responsible for them to accept the one true God as their own. His usage of unity, of compassion and of empathy echoed throughout his sermons. His call for humanitarianism placed mankind into the same class versus hierarchical systems where man oft worshipped other men as Gods or the idolatry that was synonymous with the period of darkness preceding his arrival. A Muslim, is in fact, any individual who wholeheartedly believes in the existence of Divinity. The sects which have plagued humanity since existence have been leveraged by those seeking to disenfranchise mankind from itself. Animalistic nature has taken ahold of one of the world’s most tolerant, simplistic and beautiful lifestyles. With the advent of Islam and of other Divinely inspired religions before, mankind was given a manual of sorts on how to most efficiently and effectively live healthful, blissful and joyous lives. In his final sermon, Muhammad, preached the importance of etiquette and of humanism. He warned of disunity, if one of us hurts, we should all feel the pain. We should pray for not only the safety of ourselves but also our neighbors. In fact, the religion he preached was more about community than that of self-preservation. It saddens me that this simplistic approach to living life has been tarnished by the actions of self-proclaimed Muslims. Where has humanity gone? Where is the love of thy neighbors, the messenger emphatically preached? He would cry to the Divine for not his salvation but the salvation of mankind. He did not renounce the importance of Moses nor that of Jesus; he stressed their importance. So how did Islam become indoctrinated with violent ideology isolating itself from it’s noble beginnings?

Recently, I have had the great fortune of seeing the power of community firsthand. Not of Muslim community but of mankind’s love, concern and safety of one’s neighbor. That is the religion I myself adhere to. I reject all notions of one superior race or religion and purport that goodwill is inherently present in all living creatures — for the Divine blew of himself into the soul; all souls. I reject all notions of violence and harm, no matter what the cause. Our cause should be living with love and respect for our fellow human beings with whom we currently exist in this dimension and time. I intend to explore this topic in depth over the course of a number of essays with the intent to inspire, as did Muhammad, mankind to accept one another for who they are. Everyone is challenged or flawed in some way, it is getting across this barrier whilst retaining one’s humanity and love of the Divine that is the purpose of this life.

Hate, jealously, hostility and greed are great motives for a good portion of crimes mankind afflicts upon itself and others. When overwhelmed, some resort to the Divine for counsel or reassurance. Fortunately, the Divine has created a world which is in fact blessed. Unfortunately, for some, this is only if you are one of those who have been enlightened with the true nature of creation; to take care of one another on this transient respite before an eternal life. Forgiveness is at times, actually, most of the time, quite difficult but if one seeks to live in blissful serenity, it is essential. The wicked are those who prey on the weaknesses of others and use it as divisive means to their ends. Honestly, it is not their fault for God has created some whose hearts are sealed; they walk among us deaf, dumb and blind. Instead of spewing hatred for these poor people, we should enrich their lives with prayers for their healthful return to decency. You do reap what you sow.  For that reason, compassion and empathy are hallmarks of those in touch with the true Divine. One may go on hundreds of pilgrimages or amass countless degrees but these are all meaningless if your life has no significant impact around you. Well wishers are far and few, while spectators are oft at the forefront of any folly. This holiday season, try to inspire others around you to good. Instead of categorizing mankind into all sorts, imagine one creation by the Divine. Try to find similarities instead of disparities and most importantly, know that you are not ever alone, for God lives in the hearts of those with love for their fellow man.  Most importantly, be mindful that there is never honor in any killing.

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