The Cells of Life

Every interaction leaves an irreversible, eternal impression upon the spectrum of this dimension.  Think of all the people who you have interacted with and then think of all the people those people have interacted with.  Every impression since the start of mankind has not been lost– it carries on here as the soul moves onto an ungraspable  realm.  For the sake of clarification, one’s interpretation of a soul and the heavenly plane is subjective.  Using lens of subjugation, one can imagine a soul as being an individual’s presence within our plane of existence and touch as an impression.  When an individual becomes inanimate in the dimension we exist,  their energy of animation is extinguished in our time and space.  Therefore, a soul can be defined as the energy that brings life or animation to non-living entities.  Would it not be impossible to assert that the since the very first impression occurred, we all could essentially have nanoscopic remnants in our biological makeup from that initial touch?

It’s important to consider the physics and ramifications of every occurrence in the universe since it’s inception; every action has a reaction.  Since an intial action, whatever that may have been, a repititive reactive process was initiated and is ongoing. When we reflect upon this perspective, a universal connectivity can be contended; or a lineage from the initial animated energy.  Essentially, we all have been given an allotted amount of energy but it’s mileage is a combination of predisposition and also lifestyle choices.  Think of your life as a modern day technological device; the battery can last a certain time.  We are all aware of this.  If a device is used heavily, it drains the battery more rapidly.   On the other hand, if one is packed with an external battery charger, the device may function longer; this is applicable to almost all living objects.

With a healthy lifestyle and conscious awareness of one’s health, an individual can perhaps get a boost in battery power while poor lifestyle choices can accelerate its rapid degradation.  Make sure your battery’s running at maximum efficacy.