Seasons Change

The menacing sky

A lack-luster canvas of nature’s possession

A colorless palette with hues unseen

Unchartered, Untouched, Unimagined

Vitality subtly noticed amidst dark clouds

Immortal is not yet how deceiving it can be

Illusions are but gazes unreturned

Visions — realities unknown

Perceptions of a morbid life

Bring forth expectations lacking

With the wind of the churning sky

We float on an uncertain path

Drifting off into murky reflection

Obscuring the intentions

Of our already unknown objective

Perplexity seems to wrap us

Within its intricate bounds

The sky turns darker

More frigid and fierce

As we coast through days lost

The swift change in seasons

Brings into contemplation

A Yearning to impede

The harshness of winter

What is winter now

Was once spring

Chaste and upright

Wholly blossomed

Again darkened fate

In a play with destiny

Brings forth withered dust

Surrendered innocence follows pursuit

Death like Autumn

Hopes decayed

Fall scattered upon damp Earth

Summer has come and gone

Winter is here to stay

Amber toned skies

With vanilla clouds

Rays of brilliant light

A Whirlwind commodity

The darkness visible

Enrapturing masses

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