#AI & The Apocalypse: A Modern Interpretation

Religion or belief and even dis-belief is everyone’s own personal connection with the Divine.  The purpose of this is not to diverge into religious fervor but to understand the concept of an Apocalypse in modern light.  Whether or not you adhere to tenents of religious belief is irrelevant.  This is simply an interpretation of what could be another possible scenario envisioned by billions around the globe leading to the end of times or an Apocalyptic collapse of the universe as we know it.  It is now effortlessly plausible to for the dead to be raised into the world of the living.  What utter nonsense, right?  I can recall a Michael Jackson concert that was in the works after his demise.  This was in the form of holographic technology.  Since then, the world, ever-evolving, has improved on this technology along with Artificial Intelligence.  It’s now not that hard to envision our dead coming back to life very soon.

With Big Data, Machine Learning, Neural Networks and Deep Learning: Artificial Intelligence is expected to be an integrative part of our world within the upcoming few years.  Rapidly garnering credence and implementation by the day, Artificial intelligence is not only going to embed itself within life, it is going to revolutionize it. Revolutions have occurred through the ages and man has managed to survive.  This has been due in part to man’s dominance over his environment.  There has never existed, to this extent, a species that could outsmart and overpower the human race — until now, that is.

As machines will begin to adapt to animated, intelligent life learning as efficient or with greater efficiency than humans, the entire concept of what constitutes as a living being is going to be at the center of a major societal dilemma.  Machines, as they get smarter, will likely become part of people’s lives intimately and professionally.  At the current time, the impossibility of predicting a sharp increase in legal challenges over the rights of machines is not that far out an idea as to be incomprehensible.  Envision machines —  smart machines, intelligent machines.  Will machine itself become an outdated term due to semantical application?   Perhaps machines will reach a point where equilibrium exists between intelligent interaction shared between humans and machines.

As machines become more real and the definition of reality manifests varyingly in the form of virtual and augmented, if not further deviations, humans will have to establish concrete definitions of basic principles in light of practicality over philosophy.  Reality and its parameters must be viewed objectively but also with bias.  If humans are to continue ruling the globe, they must retain their primary status as the most powerful in the natural order.  If anything happened that were to tip the scales, like machines developing their own languages initially or evolving themselves into superhuman entities — mankind will be at the brink of annihilation.  As  advanced technologies are created, we must be mindful to always be in control of the off switch; it could be up for grabs!