Fashion is the interpretation and manifestation, both internally and externally, of one’s physical environment. Highly subjective and individualistic, fashion is in a sense, the outward expression of one’s inner state of being. Observe your world through a different lens, see how nature is the ultimate inspiration. Exploring one’s surroundings and intaking routine stimuli, internalizing it using subjective learned and innate knowledge is called perception.

Perception is how each of us sees and processes the world around us. It is challenging attempting to perceive the world as another may view it.

If you were to perceive the world for a day as any other, what do you envision?

How would you physically manifest this transition in perception from yours?

How would this affect your style?

Perception, fundamentally, is only part of the adaptation of certain styles during particular periods of time.

Novelty of thought after having processing one’s relative environments, inside and out, is what makes ordinary perception, extraordinary.

This is what separates the average from those with the fortitude of uniqueness and rarity in thought.

This is what inspires greatness, creating legends.


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